Retailing and data: A top 10 checklist for how to lead your customers

Retailers today are rightly focusing on creating a seamless service across every single consumer touch point. It goes by many clichéd names including omni-channel and multi-channel retail. It’s not easy. There is the obvious part of requiring front ends that delight customers across mobile (with all its various guises and screen sizes), laptops/desktops, stores, brochures […]

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Five “Obvious” Trends that Some Retailers Still Don’t Get

You would be forgiven for thinking, from the retail performance headlines earlier in January, that we were in 2005, not 2014. How can it be that a major retailer such as Morrison’s has only just launched their on-line service? The analogy of an ostrich with its head buried in the sand doesn’t feel inappropriate. The […]

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A World Without Bookstores

I find myself pulled in two directions. I want both the convenience of buying books on-line and the ability to go and browse (and purchase from) a carefully curated bookstore. But like a petulant child, today I realised I can’t have both.

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